Controlling (CO) module is basically for internal management reporting purpose and decision making. The Controlling (CO) module provides information to managers & decision makers to understand where the company's money is being spent. All data relevant to cost flows automatically to Controlling from Financial Accounting. It facilitates coordination, monitoring and optimization of all processes in an organization. The main task of controlling is planning. You can determine variances by comparing actual data with plan data. These variance calculations enable you to control business flows.

Course Curriculum:

  • Define Controlling Area
  • Maintaining control area settings
  • Importance of Different Fields in controlling Area
  • Assignment of Controlling area to Company Codes
  • Maintaining number ranges for controlling documents
  • Maintain versions
  • Activate components in controlling Area

Cost Element Accounting:

  • Primary Cost and secondary Cost Elements
  • Cost Element categories
  • Cost Element groups
  • Const Element reports

Cost Center Accountng:

  • Cost Center Hierarchy
  • Cost Center Groups
  • Cost Center Categories
  • Cost Center Mater
  • Activity Type
  • Statistical Key Figures
  • Reposting, Distribution and Assessment
  • Activity type categories
  • Planning and Budgeting of Cost Elements
  • Define Planner Profile, Versions for Planner Profile
  • Planning VS Budgeting of Cost centers
  • Cost Center Reports

Internal Orders

  • Order Management in Controlling Area
  • Define and assign number ranged to order Groups
  • Types fodder
  • Model Orders
  • AuC(Assets) process with Internal Order (Real)
  • Investment Management Integration with Internal orders
  • Month end and final Settlements of Internal Orders
  • Information System(Reporters) for Internal Orders


  • Configuration of product costing
  • Maintain overhead cost elements
  • Maintain overhead keys
  • Define cost component structure
  • Maintain Overhead Cost Elements
  • Define costing sheets
  • Define overhead keys and groups
  • Define Costs Component Structure
  • Variance Calculation
  • Work in Progress
  • Settlement
  • Variance Calculation
  • Work in Progress
  • Settlement
  • Product Cost by Sales
  • Result Analysis
  • Settlement
  • Product Costing by planning
  • Product costing by orders
  • Product costing by period
  • Product Costing by Sales Order with MM, SD, PP and COPA Integration

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

  • Define Operating Concern
  • Define Characteristics and Value fields
  • Define Profitability Segment Characteristics
  • Define Characteristic Hierarchy and Derivation
  • Maintenance and Assignment of Value Fields
  • Transfer of Billing Documents to COPA
  • Automatic Account Assignment
  • Maintain PA Transfer structure for Direct FI postings
  • Information System in COPA

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